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Employees are leaving organizations in droves. Leaders are unsure how to recruit and retain. They’re struggling to keep morale up and communication authentic. Burnout is real. Leaders have revolutionary change initiatives in mind, but aren’t sure how to execute them in a way that’s inspiring and positively disrupting.


These challenges can be navigated with clear, grounded leadership — the kind that comes from a place of vulnerability and care. I guide executives to clarify their leadership qualities, build confidence in their authentic voice, and co-author action plans to support them in achieving their organization’s goals.

My executive coaching clients can expect:

  • a trusted advisor and sounding board who holds space to navigate organizational challenges without judgment or bias

  • a birds-eye view of personal goals, relationships, and company culture

  • to identify patterns and break cycles that prevent progress

  • to feel in control of day-to-day workload with increased focus and productivity

  • to develop a personal brand within an organization

  • strengthened connections with and amongst employees, especially while working in remote or hybrid settings

  • stronger “people skills” for more authentic communication and trust among staff and clients

  • support in "casting" and hiring an "award-winning ensemble"

  • structure, accountability, and support for achieving goals

"You've given me the tools to communicate with my team members more effectively and connect with them on a personal level. It has changed the way we work remotely -- knowing that I care about their needs and goals as well as those of the company as a whole has given us all a renewed energy to continue through this challenging time. I have a strategy to move forward because of our work together. I'm excited to check back in with you soon. Thank you, Brette."

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