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Many of us feel unseen. Stuck. We're distracted by the minutiae of our day-to-day and other people's needs, and we don't prioritize what we need to do to get what we truly want in life. We set goals, but we don't always follow through when life gets in the way. Sometimes we need another pair of eyes to really see us, help clarify our vision, and create a strategy to get us there.


Just as I've coached actors to bring their authentic voice to a character, I help individuals do the same in their life, work, and communication. I unearth strengths, name their "special sauce", and empower them to bring those qualities to the world with confidence. I give them the tools to define their objectives and co-create strategies to achieve them.

Working one-on-one via Zoom, my clients can expect to:

  • know their "special sauce" and how it can strengthen personal and professional relationships

  • have clarity on what they want and how to get there

  • have a gentle ball-buster they can be accountable to

  • feel aligned with their passion and purpose

  • feel less burnt out through better time management and self-care

  • have a strategy with action steps to work through complicated challenges

  • feel like they have honed their authentic voice

  • meet as frequently as they'd like, from once a week to check-ins as needed

"You have given me such a great gift, Brette. I cannot tell you how much. I went to bed last night buzzing with affirmation and with that so rare feeling of pure connection with another human. I wish I could bottle it and spritz all over as needed, but instead, I’ll just take your advice and get out of my own way and get to work, already. Thank you."

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