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Whether in a room or on a livestream, the engagement of a presentation is rooted in the presenter’s connection to their own voice. And when the presentation medium is a fingerprint-covered laptop screen, that voice is the difference between an engaged audience and an audience checking their email.


I coach professionals to find an authentic connection in their communication so they keep their audience hanging on every word, even on Zoom. Just as I have coached actors — from on-camera closeups to Broadway stages — I enable clients to activate their storytelling charm, optimizing their presentations for the camera lens, board room, or convention center.

My presentation coaching clients can expect:

  • a coach who identifies the presenter's "special sauce" and authentic voice — what is compelling about them that makes us want to watch and listen

  • to hone in on a clear, specific call to action that engages and inspires

  • to break down a presentation in the same way that actors break down a scene, with tangible, repeatable strategies

  • to scale presentations to the room or the lens with the support of a casting director with decades of experience in theatre, film, and television

  • support in adapting and personalizing content to keep it authentic, compelling, and memorable

  • to learn ways to take scripted dialogue, whether memorized or on a teleprompter, and make it feel and sound connected and in-the-moment

  • to master the art of telling stories with passion and purpose

  • to develop tactics to reduce nerves, stage fright, and anxiety

“Brette has been working with me for several years and has helped me become a passionate and inspirational speaker in my personal and professional life. She is an awesome mentor.”

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