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As our industry has shifted to self-tape auditions, actors often miss out on the opportunity to ask questions and receive adjustments in the room. They want their tape to stand out amongst the hundreds, but they feel like they're operating in a vacuum with no feedback, direction, or “in-the-room” energy. 


Having cast film, television, theater, and commercials for 25 years, I am able to quickly and accurately identify an actor's "special sauce" -- that thing that makes us want to watch them on our stages and screens. I empower actors to bring those unique, specific qualities to the characters they play – bringing their voice to the role in a way that is exciting, surprising, and ultimately often leads to them booking the job.​ 

I love digging into the stories each individual was meant to tell, as well as the roles they were meant to play on an archetypal level… where their wheelhouse meets their wishlist.


In self-tape coaching sessions for actors, I will:

  • provide the opportunity for actors to tape their auditions during the session with real-time, virtual coaching

  • provide expert script analysis, sharing tools that allow actors to prepare for future auditions with an insider's perspective and approach

  • analyze a breakdown as only someone who has written thousands of breakdowns can, sharing clues that make a significant difference in a performance

  • provide research and insight to identify patterns in the work of the writers/directors/showrunners that can inform the direction or tone of the scene

  • use archetypes and archetypal stories to answer questions, provide clues, and give background when none is written in the script

  • marry the music of the language with an actor's authentic voice and the character's objective

  • serve as a reader, giving actors a generous, receptive scene partner (not their roommate who works in finance) 


SELF-TAPE REVIEW (...or the answer to why you’re not getting callbacks/bookings)


Zero feedback? Only a few callbacks? Not a lot of bookings? 


Let me help!

In self-tape review sessions I will: 

  • review an actor’s past self-tapes (generally the last three to five) cross-referencing the self-taped auditions with their respective breakdowns – including an analysis of the projects’ creative teams – and their corresponding sides 

  • pinpoint specific patterns of what works well and what needs work, from performance to tech

  • identify the top three things the actor can change in performance and tech going forward for strong future self-tapes 


After watching thousands of self-tapes as a casting director, I can identify ways in which actors can up their self-tape game. I can easily see patterns in their work that are not serving them, and help them shift their performances – and tech – resulting in CALLBACKS AND BOOKINGS.



In addition to live, virtual self-tape coaching, I can also work on drilling self-tape skills by:

  • assigning general film/TV/theater sides, commercial copy, or cold reads for the actor to self-tape

  • assessing their tapes, followed by doing a mock live, virtual callback

  • personal, detailed feedback based on the entire mock audition from start to finish, covering your presence, performance, and tech (audio/visual/all aspects of setup) 


You know how you get good at self-tapes (or to Carnegie Hall)? 

Practice, practice, practice.


"Having previously taken a class with Brette, I jumped at the opportunity to get 3 one-on-one coaching sessions. I love her no-bull sensibility, and her ability to identify and bring out your individuality as a performer is uncanny. Brette put me to work. I’m really floored with the strides I’ve taken when comparing day one footage to the final product. I look forward to working with Brette again -- her guidance and expertise makes me feel confident that I can authentically be myself on camera."

If you're an existing client and would like to book a session, please click here.

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