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My favorite part of casting is working with actors. I love being a catalyst for change in their lives, serving as a sounding board/accountability partner/ass-kicker/solutions-driven creative, and helping them to develop strategies to bring their vision to fruition.

Using my industry insight from the other side of the table, I can help actors to build relationships through understanding the needs and pain points of agents, managers, casting directors, and creatives. I love empowering actors, reminding them that their trajectory is limitless. I help build communities, identifying and connecting artists who can collaborate to further their careers.

In Strategy and Special Sauce coaching sessions, I will:

  • identify an actor's "special sauce" -- their "it" factor

  • ensure that actors' casting profiles and marketing materials are a strong, compelling, accurate representation of who they are

  • do an in-depth analysis of the relationships actors have built over the course of their careers, figuring out how to enhance and capitalize on them

  • identify the gaps/who actors need to know to achieve the next steps in their careers, and how to build these relationships

  • analyze the material that actors bring in for workshops and auditions

  • do market analysis based on actors' current location(s), formulating a strategy for each market, especially those in which they're a local hire

  • support graduating actors as they establish themselves

  • help actors handle the nuances of changing representation

"Brette, you didn’t only help me with a casting director meeting, you’ve helped me own my story and use my narrative to my advantage. Ironically, the things that impressed them most were things that I would have never deemed impressive or even worthy of sharing if it weren’t for your encouragement and strategic big brain energy. There are no words to express my gratitude. You’re one in a million and I thank you for everything and more."

If you're an existing client and would like to book a session, please click here.

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