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In my work with teams, the most common issues I see are co-workers who feel disconnected, stuck behind Zoom screens without really knowing the people they're speaking to every day, and unaware of each other's talents, drives, and passions. They can't turn to one another to seek out (or offer) support. Without knowing the strengths of each individual, they can't be better together.

This workshop is more happy hour than corporate development. In a safe, fun, collaborative space, we’ll work through stories to reveal and clarify real-world character strengths and build connections among colleagues.


 Through the lens of a casting director who can name each individual's "star qualities", we'll work together to identify what makes teammates shine.

The teams I work with can expect:

  • a bespoke workshop designed to meet the organization’s needs and schedule, whether it’s a midweek happy hour or the kickoff to a big summit

  • to discover each others' "special sauce" and how they can utilize that knowledge to work more efficiently and collaboratively

  • to gain self-awareness and truly feel seen by teammates

  • to bond and connect better with colleagues

  • a renewed excitement about working with one another

  • to be pleasantly surprised by their shared stories and perspectives

"Thank you so much for sharing your humor, your warmth, and your expertise today. I truly appreciate how much you give to each individual  - I learned not only from what you said to me personally but also to each workshop attendee. The depth of your insight into each person is truly remarkable and, I believe, incredibly helpful in assisting each of us to become our best, most successful selves. You are truly gifted. Watching you do your thing yesterday had me shaking my head in awe."

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