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A Guide to Booking the Room:
Harnessing YOUR POWER in Sales

Successful selling in today’s world is all about relationship building  truly understanding who you are talking to and why you’re telling them this. Really listening. Being present. Understanding your audience and their needs is fundamental to building authentic connections based on trust and rapport. 

Brette has cast over 300 commercials  including spokespeople for national brand campaigns  and has taught commercial technique classes to actors for over a decade. In commercials, actors should believable and engaging spokespeople, and excellent at articulating how the products and services they represent make their audience's lives easier. She brings this knowledge  along with her ability to quickly name an individual’s Special Sauce  to working with developing sales teams.

Offered in person or via Zoom, this workshop can be customized for your team.


  • Sales feels "sales-y"  people often feel pushed and pressured in sales interactions, and they don't feel that attention is being paid to their needs or concerns

  • People are overwhelmed with too many choices

  • There is too much to consider and not enough time

  • Salespeople can't articulate why their product or service stands out amongst their competitors

  • They cannot truly understand and specifically communicate how it serves their customers' needs

Business representative

the workshop's roi:

  • Participants will develop relationship-building skills that empower them to:

    • Lead with empathy and curiosity in their client-facing interactions

    • Learn to play the long game when it comes to building lifelong loyalty

    • Listen effectively, meet people where they’re at, and deal with challenges and questions

  • They will learn what makes them charismatic

  • They will develop skills for effective storytelling

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