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the special sauce experience:

Everyone has something compelling and unique about them – something that draws people – but most people struggle to identify those qualities in themselves. Greatness is apologized for and swept under the rug. 


Through storytelling, we will build connections among colleagues by revealing real-world character strengths while in a safe, fun, collaborative space. Team members can receive recognition and identify and celebrate one another's' strengths, boosting morale that leads to increased employee retention.


Seeing and being seen is truly a gift. Through the lens of a casting director who can name each individual's "star qualities", we'll work together to identify what makes each teammate shine.

Offered in person or via Zoom, this workshop can be customized for your team.


  • Most people feel unseen and unheard 

  • They do not truly recognize their own innate strengths and gifts

  • They do not know how deeply they are valued on their own team

  • Teammates take one another for granted or simply forget why and how much they value one another 

  • They do not feel ownership in their work because their strengths and value are not being acknowledged, truly recognized and celebrated 


the workshop's roi:

  • ​To identify each participant’s authentic voice and “Special Sauce” – what makes us want to watch and listen

  • To learn how each participant can utilize their Special Sauce to work more efficiently and collaboratively

  • To gain self-awareness and truly feel seen by teammates

  • To bond and connect better with colleagues

  • To be pleasantly surprised by the shared stories and perspectives of their teammates

  • To enjoy a renewed excitement about working with one another


Brette’s long-standing success as a Casting Director and acting coach comes from her innate ability to see through blind spots and manufactured personas we hide behind, unearthing the authentic greatness in each individual. She hones in on those unique hidden gems the average person wouldn’t notice and helps us leverage them to find their Special Sauce. 


Before entering the corporate training world, Brette helped thousands of actors book roles in film, television, commercials, and theater through identifying their Special Sauce and bringing their unique energetic qualities to the roles they embodied.

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