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Chemistry Read:
The Art of Authenticity in Relationships

After casting over fifty films, teaching and coaching actors how to book roles with quick and easy script and character analysis, and working on challenging creative and production teams in the often-volatile entertainment industry, Brette is able to offer a fresh perspective on patterns of human behavior, and what it takes to get to an AUTHENTIC win-win.


Learn to actively listen and confidently see others like never before — this will lead to your team feeling acknowledged and recognized, building empathy, trust, rapport, morale, and a team that gets excited to take action and do the work.

Offered in person or via Zoom, this workshop can be customized for your team.


  • Whether we're on a team or leading one, we don't feel seen, heard, and respected by our colleagues

  • We don't feel safe enough to confront issues head-on; instead, we go home and complain to our friends, partners, and other colleagues

  • We struggle to share our thoughts, feelings, and ideas because we often feel rejected and judged

Team Meeting

the workshop's roi:

  • Participants will build authentic connections, trust, rapport, and strong team morale

  • They will develop an understanding of how they are perceived and how to read a room

  • They will be empowered to find their authentic voice, natural charisma, and star power

  • Team members will see and be reminded of their colleagues' strengths and come up with creative ways to utilize them

  • They will learn how to cultivate great relationships by:

    • Becoming more conscious of their own Special Sauce and strengths so that they are confident in how they provide value to their team

    • Learning how to make their colleagues and teammates feel safe and seen

    • Understanding what is working and not working with their own communication style

    • Learning how to communicate their ideas with confidence and clarity

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