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Everyone has something compelling and charismatic about them — something that draws an audience in  but not everyone lets it show. We are innate storytellers. This workshop is designed to build storytelling and presentation skills, focusing on what it is about us that makes others want to watch and listen. Participants learn how to structure and deliver a message while capitalizing on what is most compelling about them. They will discover their authentic voice and hone it, both in a conference room and on Zoom, building next-level engagement and trust with their audience while creating maximum impact in their communication. 

Offered in person or via Zoom, this workshop can be customized for your team.


  • Most of us are unaware of our "it factor" or Special Sauce we don't know what it is about us that draws people in and makes them want to watch and listen

  • We second guess the power of our authentic voice and try to be what we think audiences want us to be

  • We struggle with:

    • Lack of confidence 

    • Lack of clarity in messaging

    • Nerves, stage fright, and anxiety

    • Difficulty engaging an audience 

    • Lack of compelling storytelling

    • Lack of passion and purpose

    • Not understanding the audience’s needs and what drives them

Conference Crowd

the workshop's roi:

  • Participants will discover their authentic voice and what stands in the way of bringing this voice to their presentations

  • They will understand what it really means to “know your audience," what they care about, and how to get them engaged

  • They will understand how to leverage their Special Sauce and personal brand of charisma 

  • Participants will learn to craft and tell stories with passion and purpose

  • They will develop the skills to:

    • Bring confidence and clarity to presentations

    • Use tone and pacing to their advantage

    • Leverage body language, in person or on a Zoom/Teams screen, to enhance warmth and competence

    • Create smart, specific, simple visuals

    • Explore humor in presentations

    • Learn to recover when the unexpected occurs

    • Field challenging questions effectively

    • Eliminate imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs that get in the way of delivering the best presentation

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