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Executive Coaching:

Do you face challenges in the way you communicate and collaborate, your reactions and responses, and how you recruit and work with talent? Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes.


When it comes to talent, no one can relate more than a casting director that has been scouting, hiring, coaching, and developing talent for 25+ years. A casting director has a deep understanding of archetypes and patterns of human behavior. They have to get the perfect performance from actors in a very short amount of time. They also have to be an expert at “reading a room” as they have to manage many different and often colorful  personalities in the entertainment industry. 


Hiring a team is similar to creating a cohesive ensemble cast. Brette incorporates the work she does with actors to foster truth and authenticity in communication, effective teamwork and collaboration, and building a great ensemble through casting and developing talent. 


All of this can be directly applied to her work with executives, helping them with the challenges they are currently facing – what keeps them up at night.

Offered in person or via Zoom, coaching can be designed to meet your needs and goals.

the challenge:

  • Executives struggle with:

    • ​Inauthentic communication amongst team members

    • Low team morale and trust

    • Challenging office politics

    • High turnover

  • They face challenges hiring, developing, and retaining talent

  • Their team members don't feel seen, heard, valued, and recognized

Woman at Work


  • To build truth and authenticity in communication

  • To learn how to “read a room”

  • To learn how to cast and develop an outstanding team

  • To feel more adept at handling challenging conversations

  • To meet individuals where they're at, helping them develop a true sense of ownership aligned with the company's mission and vision

  • To develop the skills and understanding needed to retain talent

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