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I'm a casting director with 25 years of experience working with actors, executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations.
I coach for the screen, the stage, the conference room, and beyond.




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As a casting director, I've cast five television series, over 50 independent films, 300 commercials, and 100 plays, seven pilot presentations, and various new media projects. I was the resident casting director at Washington, D.C.’s Folger Elizabethan Theatre for ten seasons. Films I've cast have won awards and been official selections at all major film festivals including Sundance, Tribeca, and Cannes. I was the Co-Producing Director of Washington Jewish Theatre, the Production Manager at Washington Shakespeare Co., and the Associate Producer of the Washington Theatre Festival. I've worked with thousands of actors, helping them book roles, make career choices, and secure representation.


I now bring my expertise to the world of business and beyond. I teach innovators, executives, salespeople, and collaborators how to deliver authenticity. I've provided presentation coaching for the senior executives at Boehringer Ingelheim, casting expertise for Hubspot’s sales managers, and many others. I lead ongoing interactive group workshops with 28Muses and provide counsel on The Boston Globe’s podcast, Love Letters.


I teach and coach at several universities, including Montclair State University, Muhlenberg College, and the University of Maryland, as well as professional studios in NY and LA such as Actors Connection, where my professional workshops include “Way Beyond Type” and "Showcasing Your Brand and Your Brand’s Brands."


I'm a CultureTalk certified coach, focusing on the study of archetypes and how they apply to individuals and organizations. I'm based in NYC with my husband Ben, an inspiring and talented glassblower.


spe·cial sauce

/ˈspeSHəl/ /sôs/

your "it" factor, that thing about you that pops, that is deeply compelling; it makes us want to lean in, listen, follow your lead, and have you on our team

In my 25-year career as a casting director for film, television, commercials, and theatre, the work I loved most was helping people to feel seen. Whether coaching an actor in the audition room, advocating for an actor I love with producers, or co-creating a career strategy to help them achieve their vision, I discovered that my passion was for people, not projects.


I also realized that I had a gift. I could name someone’s "special sauce" — their "it" factor. I could do this quickly, and from a perspective that only a seasoned casting director and audition technique teacher could have. It was the work that made my heart sing. But I hadn't yet figured out how to balance coaching with the fast-paced, high-stress world of casting. I was encouraging my coaching clients to make room for the opportunities they really wanted, but I wasn't walking the talk.


I finally listened to my gut and decided to only say "yes" to casting work I was excited about. Coaching and teaching are what I was meant to do.


As a casting director, I've found that sometimes the most interesting acting happens when an actor brings themselves to a role. The same applies in life; the most powerful interactions are with people who are not afraid to be their authentic selves. It's my job to help you find your voice and point of view, whether it's for a role, a presentation, or a conversation.


I am here to truly see you. I will help you tell the story you were meant to tell.


Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes.




"Brette has been working with me for several years and has helped me become a passionate and inspirational speaker in my personal and professional life. She is an awesome mentor."

- Al Masucci, VP of IPF Business Division, Boehringer Ingelheim


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